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The Buderim skin cancer center dedicated to sun cancer diagnosis and treatment

We are a team of passionate and dedicated professionals committed to preventing, detecting and treating skin cancer. We believe that everyone deserves to live a long and healthy life, and our skin doctor is here to help you achieve that goal.

The skin cancer center services we offer

Full skin checks.

Moles Checks and spot checks.


Cryotherapy or “freezing”.

Surgical removal of skin cancers.

Prescription treatments for solar keratoses including daylight photodynamic therapy.

chemowrap treatment for severe solar keratoses on the arms and legs.

Removal of annoying skin growths such as tags, cysts, age spots and moles.

Referral to surgeons, dermatologists and radiation oncologists when required.

steroid injection of keloid scars.

prescription cream for sun damaged skin, pigmentation and fine lines.


We are a private billing clinic. This means there are out-of-pocket fees for our services.

Please bring in your current Centrelink concession card and Medicare card. We discount our consultation fees for Centrelink concession card holders. There is an additional fee for liquid nitrogen treatment ($50 gap following Medicare rebate). There is an additional fee for each biopsy ($50 gap following Medicare rebate). An excision will have a gap fee of $200-$500 (following Medicare rebate) to be quoted by your doctor. For example, if the Medicare rebate for an excision is $180, and you have a gap fee of $300, then you will pay $480 and receive a $180 rebate.

Children aged 15 and under will be charged at concession rates. We bulk bill eligible DVA card holders where rebates apply.

Please note that our fees will increase periodically and it is your responsibility to check fees prior to your appointment.

No concession card

Consultation less than 20 minutes = $120

(rebate $41.40)
Consultation more than 20 minutes = $180 (rebate $80.10)

Valid Concession card

Consultation less than 20 minutes = $110

(rebate $41.40)
Consultation more than 20 minutes = $170 (rebate $80.10)

Choose the skin cancer doctor on the Sunshine Coast who provides comprehensive and compassionate care.

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